Culture in the Cafe

Entering the Masuk cafeteria students and staff are offered numerous meal options ranging from deli to the “daily choice”, but does Masuk truly offer a distinct variety of foods? 

Masuk is composed of all different students coming from all different backgrounds, and what better way to showcase the diversity than with food? Masuk should adapt a larger menu for the entire Masuk community to give kids not only a choice to have their own culture’s meals during lunch, but also to try new things. This would be a big change for Masuk but it would be worth it. Sometimes change is needed and this change  would satisfy all: students and staff. “The Masuk community is wonderfully diverse. For example, there are 24 languages spoken by the students and staff of Masuk.” Lisa Peterson, assistant principal at Masuk, responded when asked about the cultural diversity of the Masuk community. 

A great number of students get taught their ancestral language as a tradition in their families and while they learn about traditions, they can recognize other traditions in meals.  

“I think it would be a great idea. I think we all identify through food and that the way to make another culture real, the best way to make another culture real is through food,” stated culinary arts teacher, Peggyann Diaz. 

Including the culinary students would be a great opportunity for them to get some more  experience with other cultures. This could expand and give other Masuk students an idea of what is done in Culinary. 

“I think it would be a great opportunity for them and I think it would be a great opportunity for students to have the international foods but to also see what we do here in culinary arts so I think it would be an opportunity on a lot of different levels, ” Diaz stated. 

New students are always welcome into culinary but this could get even more students interested in the course offered. The culinary arts course is a wonderful course offered to all Masuk students, consisting of  two levels. International foods would be in the second culinary class, but it would give students something to look forward to. “I think at the beginning of it we would want to have cultures that are more familiar to a population and getting to try some different things. I think people have misconceptions about what Mexican food is, what authentic Chinese food is, I would love to see Indian food represented, and more Mediterranean. There are so many possibilities.”  Diaz responded when asked if the culinary proposal was possible and if the approval would go through. 

This addition to the Masuk menu could really change things, and give students and staff an opportunity to try new things, specifically food wise, in school rather than having to go out and search for them.  

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