Tom Brady, Bill Bellichick, and the art of winning football games


Ever since Tom Brady entered the NFL, he has figured out a way to win with just about anyone on his team. This year, Tom Brady’s brilliance was on full display without the coach of the decade, maybe of all time, Bill Belichik. Brady single handedly turned the football program in Tampa Bay into a Superbowl caliber team.

“Tom Brady makes all of his receivers superstars. He can win with anyone on his team. That is what makes him so great,” said senior Nick Dauria.

Take Player A for example: Chris Hogan, after graduating high school, played four years of Division I Lacrosse at Penn State University. Afterwards, he decided to fulfill a lifelong dream of playing football, and transferred to Monmouth for his final year of NCAA eligibility. He played a few seasons with the  49ers, Giants, Dolphins, and then the Bills before finally landing a spot in New England, where he would soon be catching touchdowns from a football wizard named Tom Brady. Brady brough Hogan his first ring and he managed to capture a fifth super bowl ring under the coaching of Bill Belichick(6), the latest of which came from a second-half comeback that erased a 25-point deficit against the Atlanta Falcons. This came to be known as the greatest superbowl comeback of all time.

Julian Edelman was 5’10” and 195 when he entered for the NFL draft. Edelman was considered very undersized for the NFL, with the average size of a wide receiver being over 6 feet tall. With no receiver experience, Edelman quickly made the transformation to a kick returner and punt returner, before becoming a receiver and the top target for arguably the greatest quarterback of all time.

Players like Chris Hogan and Julian Edelman didn’t come from big name colleges like Alabama, Texas, or Ohio State. Players that Tom Brady made relevant come from unknown schools. Julian Edelman was a quarterback for Kent State for three years and made the transformation into a wide receiver when he got to the NFL. Hogan was a lacrosse player with one year of college football experience under his belt before he arrived in the league.

Bill Bellichick, the mastermind behind all of Brady’s success, managed to create an offensive system that is stopped by just about none of the NFL’s defenses. Without Brady, the Patriots, under Bellichick’s rule, went 3-1 with their second and third string quarterbacks.

Bill Bellichick and Tom Brady quickly became one of the most dynamic duos in all of professional sports, with all of Brady’s Super Bowl Championships coming under the brilliance of Bill Bellichick.

Since their breakup Brady cemented his legacy as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, winning his 7th Super Bowl title in Tampa Bay with a new coach and new offense. Brady shocked the world, reporters, ESPN analysts when he took Tampa Bay, a team who had not seen the playoffs since the 2007-8 season, a superbowl title. Who’s the goat? Tom’s the goat. 

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