Are you ready to graduate? Envisioning what your college dorm room will look like? Anxious to start working? Can’t focus because you are counting down the days until graduation? As we begin the last quarter of the school year, the majority of seniors at Masuk High School have been infected with senioritis. 

Seniortitis: “A supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance.”

Symptoms include lack of focus, minimal attendance, large sense of pride, loss of motivation, and late assignments. 

Warning: Very contagious. 

As seniors reach their last months of their high school careers, they are too excited for their future to focus in the classroom. Many senior students have received their college acceptances and are in the process of choosing their schools for the next 4 years. This has been the goal for the past four years. Now that many have achieved this goal, they struggle to stay motivated. 

“I think senioritis has hit not only myself but a lot of seniors hard this year. It is hard to continue to do work when there seems to be a lack of reward for it. In my case, I committed to college in October, after that a lot of my motivation diminished. Once I knew my future was locked in place it was(and is) hard to sit and do work that seems like there’s no point to it.” said senior Casey Halliday. 

Seniors have now experienced four long, hard years of high school and are burnt out now. They have been looking forward to the benefits of being a senior for far too long. Many feel they have outgrown their high school assignments. Inevitably, most will suffer from senioritis. 

“Being a covid senior and all, my senioritis actually started junior year once covid hit. I love sleeping through classes in my own bed instead of a hard desk. I don’t remember the last time I actually sat down and did work. If I do work, it’s late. Overall I’m skinning the surface this year and I couldn’t love it more.” said senior Nick Dauria.

Only a few months away from summer, but for seniors only a few months left of high school. Let’s hope the seniors can gain enough momentum to finish off their senior year strong. 

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