Masuk’s dream course load

Masuk offers many classes. However, I am sure that at some point throughout the course selection process you wished that there was some other course available to you. 

“[I wish we could take] German because every high school offers the same thing, but that doesn’t mean it should be the only languages they offer,” said junior Victoria Gloria. “[Also] sign language because there is a student run club that would love to transfer its members from club to class. There is already a large number of people that would take it, now all you need is someone willing to teach.” 

Of course many students enjoy their Spanish and French classes, but even so, some believe that our school would benefit from offering more languages than just those two. 

“A class that would help you raise money to travel with the class,” continued Gloria. “Basically, this class would teach you about traveling in the world and what other places on earth are like, and get this, you would go there. You would experience the cultures and languages of the countries you have been learning about.”

Classes that more directly help Masuk students be global citizens would certainly be advantageous. 

“One more, defense: this one every girl would consider taking,” added Gloria. “And by defense, I don’t mean fighting skills, I mean, self-defense skills. The skills you would use if someone were to attack first and when or how you would get help if someone attempted to rape you.” 

There are undoubtedly some practical classes that would be beneficial additions to Masuk’s course list. 

A couple of other classes that Gloria mentioned were plant-keeping and accounting; however, the good news is that there is already an ecology class and an accounting class at Masuk. 

“Though we do have personal finance, I really think we should have a required financial course that discusses college/career finances,” said senior Emma Dulude. “Most students going into college or into careers know little to nothing about the debt, taxes and [more] they’ll be faced with.” 

Another student responded with a women’s rights/sexuality and gender in society class. And, other classes that I think could add to our courses are philosophy and sociology classes. 

We students would find many classes useful if only we could take them. I encourage you to explore the courses offered at Masuk — maybe you will find a course you did not know existed. But, if that course is not available, that should not deter you from pursuing your interest outside of a classroom setting. And, you may even be able to set up an independent study by speaking to your guidance counselor.

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