Winter Sport Update

Plenty of sports teams have had their ups and downs this year, but it seems that the winter sports teams especially suffered. Due to COVID, the beginnings of their seasons were postponed to the middle of January, and now, barely two months later, they are ending. The athletes played their sports with modifications such as masks and no spectators, and although their seasons were cut short, many were happy to play even a bit. 

“The meets have been pretty fun, we all keep our distance and wear masks, which sucks because teams are usually supposed to be close whether they’re cheering on a teammate, or in general goofing around,.” said freshman Alex Malecka.

Malecka, who joined the swim team this year, was enjoying what the teams were allowed, even if it was different from the season he expected. 

And it seems that the meets have been fun indeed! The boys team has five wins and one loss so far!

The boys varsity basketball team was off to a hot start this season, with five wins and two losses. Unfortunately the team had to quarantine for two weeks due to COVID exposure. That is not how many of the boys thought their season would go especially the seniors of the team. 

Senior captain Mateo Esmeraldo, along with the other seniors, had “been talking about our senior season since we played together back at Jockey Hollow.”  

Returning on March fourth, the boys are excited to play again, and as Esmeraldo said, “and show the league what we are capable of.” 

The girls and boys ice hockey teams have had a challenging year, but there are still scheduled games left for them so let’s cheer them on!

The girls varsity basketball team has also had a hard time this season with making changes due to COVID restrictions. 

“Going into this season we knew that we would have to make an adjustment, we had come together even more as a team… we are grateful we have gotten this far to play,” said captain Alannah Tremalio.  

The team remains prideful, and currently with four wins and seven losses, they still have a few games left of the season. 

This season was very unexpected, and although there were changes and restrictions, many of the athletes were just grateful to play. 

“For me, nothing beats seeing the joy in our student-athlete’s eyes as they enjoy playing the game they love with their friends! It without question makes all the effort behind the scenes worth it,” said John DeGennaro. 

And that is certainly true. Congratulations to all the seniors of these winter sports seasons!

Last Updated: March 11, 2021

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