How well do you know Masuk?


4. The person you go see to get an early dismissal pass

5. Army What is the name of the fan section at Masuk

7. What color must sophomores wear on Color Day

9. The new coach of Masuk’s Varsity baseball team

10. Masuk’s Mascot

11. What current teacher has been at Masuk the longest

12. Mr. Lato is the coach of what sports team at Masuk

14. The male beauty pageant run by the club Lime Light during spirt week


1. Comes by every wednesday and sell different treats like cookies, cake, and brownies

2. Where the best cookies at Masuk are sold

3. The name of the store located in the Masuk Lobby

6. The gymnamsium is named after what notable Masuk coach

8. The project every senior must do in order to graduate

13. The hall with the most traffic

15. What mathematical symbol is in statue form outside Masuk

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