Creating Original Music

Masuk is no stranger to creative minds that span across multiple platforms of expression.  One of these creative outlets is music.  The difficult thing about music and art in general is that it can be hard to share.  

Senior Abbi Bowen has been passionate about music for her entire life.

“I started singing when I was very little. I also always carried a little journal or songbook and was writing everything and anything I could think of…” said Bowen.

It is therapeutic and encouraging to look for inspiration in the little things. Creating is a good way to help process thoughts and feelings while making something to be proud of.

“The idea of feeling trapped was something I kept thinking about and I realized a lot of people probably felt that way so I turned it into a song,” said Bowen 

She titled that song ‘Not Only in the Dark,’ and it was a way for her to not only understand her own feelings, but also to feel connection to others in a time of isolation and uncertainty.  

Over the years music has evolved and become more accessible through technology.  There is so much possibility that the next big song might not even come from a fancy recording studio funded by a record label.  The benefit of a record label is not only the professional connections, but they are also responsible for distribution and advertising of a signed artist.  A record label does a lot of heavy lifting and they want their signed artist to succeed because they profit from it.  

However, there are companies that help connect an independent artist with the inner workings of the music industry that seem exclusive to the companies with money.  Bowen used Distrokid as a way to publish her art to platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify.  

Soundcloud is a popular platform for amateur artists to upload and share music.  It is good for exposure and developing as an artist.

Although distribution of entertainment and music becomes easier each day, it does not account for the talent it takes to create. 

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