Masuk Prom 2021

Prom is one of the most joyous events of the school year. It is the one night a year where the juniors and seniors at Masuk High School get all dolled up to take pictures and dance the night away with their friends. However, the traditional prom that Masuk hosts looks quite different this year thanks to COVID-19.  

Since March of 2020, the deadly coronavirus has changed everybody’s version of what normal is. Mask-wearing and social distancing have become regular habits, gatherings of large groups are non-existent and Zoom calls are the new social norm. Since the coronavirus take-over, many of last year’s traditional school events were canceled — including prom. However, this year, prom is happening, but it comes with a few minor tweaks. 

Unlike past years, juniors and seniors will be having their own separate proms. The junior prom will take place on Friday, May 21 and the senior prom will be taking place the following day, Saturday, May 22. However, plans could change depending on whether restrictions are enforced or lifted by the health departments. As of now, both events are going to be held at Masuk under a tent on one of the fields where masks must be worn at all times and social distancing will be enforced. 

In addition, outside guests or students from other grades will not be allowed at either event,so the junior prom is strictly juniors only and the senior prom is strictly seniors only. It is also important for students to take into consideration that prom is going to be outside on the field, so the weather could be a factor. Therefore, it is suggested that comfortable shoes are worn since there will be no flooring of any kind under the tents — just grass. 

“The junior and senior class officers and advisors are working closely with the administration to make this an exceptional event for all of the juniors and seniors, but given the current state of things and the social distance requirements, we need everyone to be understanding that this may not be a traditional prom,” said prom organizer Mari O’Rourke. 

Although the prom of 2021 will be vastly different from previous years, it is with no doubt that Masuk will do its very best to make it a memorable and enjoyable night for all.

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