Books vs. Movies

At times it’s hard to compare books to movies. Even though they are telling the same story, the reader and the viewer can react differently. Both are used to tell stories, but they are experienced completely different,  and therefore evoke different emotions in the audience. 

When Masuk students were asked whether they prefer the book version or movie version of a story, there were a few different answers. 

“I prefer books because they give a more in depth look into characters and meaning/theme,” said sophomore Lana Drew.“They tend to have more defined and well paced plots, and better storytelling.” 

This is true, books are less restricted than movies. 

“I like that books don’t have time limits like movies do: authors are able to include all the necessary details about characters, the setting, etc. that help immerse the reader into the story,” said sophomore Manu Anand. 

Books include details that could not fit in a two hour movie format, so the fast-paced nature of movies sometimes results in missing information.

“I don’t want to take the risk of disliking some of my favorite books/scenes because a movie might not give the scene what I think it deserves,” added sophomore Phuong Tran to the argument in favor of books. 

This is a concern shared by many bookworms. 

However, movies do include features that books do not, such as the possibility of being watched anywhere and anytime, and not needing one’s full attention. 

“I prefer movies because they are quicker and easier to get entertainment from,” explained sophomore Joe Eisenman. 

Movies fulfill the desire for a story, and accomplish it quickly. One of the biggest benefits of watching a movie version is doing it with others. 

“I like movies because they are easier to enjoy with groups of people and provide a more relaxing feeling,” said sophomore Austin Braiewa. 

Movies can be plenty of fun with friends and family or even alone, but having the option of both is something that books cannot really offer. 

Both movies and books appeal to a variety of audiences and have their own moments. Maybe, like sophomore Shahad Faiz, you have “… associated reading a book with doing work, rather than just doing something enjoyable…” Or maybe you cannot fathom the idea of your favorite book being turned into a movie version. In any case, both the book versions and movies versions offer a great escape from day to day lives and a chance to be entertained. So which would you choose: the book or the movie?

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