Super Bowl LV Preview

Super Bowl week has officially arrived, the stage is set in Tampa, Florida at Raymond James Stadium. Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers take on Patrick Mahomes and the defending champions, the Kansas City Chiefs. The Buccaneers are the first team NFL history to reach the Superbowl and play at their own stadium during it. Both teams were extremely aggressive in the offseason making game changing signings such as Patrick Mahomes 500 million dollar deal that will keep him in KC through 2031 and the Buccaneers acquisition of Leanord Fournette and of course, Tom Brady. Each team also added ex Steelers superstars in Le’veon Bell for the Chiefs as well as Antonio Brown for the Bucs. 

NFL fans have been excited for this special matchup since Championship Sunday passed just a week and a half ago. Brady v. Mahomes, The GOAT vs the young superstar who has the potential to be just as great as Brady. Both teams are notorious for their deep ball threat due to their All-Star quarterbacks and their top ranked receiving corps. Both defenses are aware of the long threat of guys such as Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill, Mike Evans and Chris Godwin and all will be considered, the difference maker in this matchup will be the run game. Both teams have added at least one back to their lineup, the Chiefs added rookie Clyde Edwards-Helaire and Le’Veon Bell for a dynamic rush game. Both teams also have strong secondaries in the form of rookie La’Jarius Snead and All-Pro safety Tyrann Mathieu and Sean Murphy bunting stepping up for the Buccaneers in the playoffs. It is extremely important for both teams to establish the run game and keep the opposing defense honest. 

The biggest games in major sports often boils down to more than talent. Both teams who have reached the Superbowl clearly have immense talent but this is where the other factors such as coaching and experience. Although the Buccaneers have the most experienced Super Bowl player in history they, as a team are not so used to winning, this year they ended their 13 year playoff drought. On the other side is a team primed for the playoffs and more importantly the kings of the comeback are coming fresh off a Lombardi Trophy with Head Coach Andy Reid once again leading the team. This is the Superbowl matchup that every fan has wanted to see since the season started and it will be an exciting one to say the least.

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