Online Concerts

With no reasonable return date for in-person concerts, artists and fans have adapted to experience music a different way, this time through live streaming on platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. Since the concert industry shut down late March of 2020, livestreams have become common. In lieu of crowded arenas and nightclubs, concert venues have changed and include living rooms, bedrooms, and even garages.  Fans are experiencing shows played by their favorite artists, in their own environments, often with no charge!

At first, the ‘shows’ were mostly free and produced with minimal effort, featuring a lone artist playing by themselves to reconnect with their fans or to provide support to charity groups. However, over time these livestream shows have become large scale productions, with stage crews, lighting engineers, multiple cameras, and entire bands. Other brands have realized the popularity of these live streamed concerts, and have gotten artists to take the leap to play in online concert venues. Retailers such as Urban Outfitters have gotten involved in sponsorship of these online concerts, which provides benefits to both artist and retailer.

As we have rolled into a new year with the pandemic still occurring, it is becoming clear that concerts tightly packed with fans will not be happening anytime soon. Large production livestream concerts could very well be the next new thing during the time of the pandemic and beyond. 

“One of my favorite bands just released a new album, and me as well as other fans were very disappointed that they couldn’t tour, so many of us were very excited when they had livestreams where they were playing the album.” said sophomore Evelyn Goyette. 

 Even if the livestreams are not a very satisfying exchange for live music, for now, it is what we have. Livestreaming continues to engage the fans with music both new and old, and allows the artists to continue to connect with their fanbases. Obviously livestream concerts will never be able to replace the connection artists and fans feel at in person concerts, but it is important that during this time people can still experience music, and do it safely. Be sure to check out if any of your favorite artists are doing livestream concerts!

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