Are Ivy League Schools Worth It?

The first question I think of when I hear about Ivy League schools is why? Especially when you hear that every school is a great school. Why go through some of the most competitive application processes when there are more reasonable options. I do not believe these schools are worth it, but it is dependent on the individual. There is obviously a difference if these schools are in a league of their own, but what does it mean to be an ivy league?  

The term “Ivy League” was simply the name of an athletic conference that has changed over time.  It is primarily associated with a group of prestigious schools some of which are the oldest in the country.  

At the end of the day, every school can be a great school if it offers the community that someone is looking for.  This never really came to mind because Ivy League schools are known for their selectivity among a huge pool of hopeful students. There does not seem to be room to be picky yourself.  There are people who belong and are attracted to the sense of community and values of the school.  A lot of these aspects tend to get lost especially when talking about an Ivy League school.  It is hard to imagine rejecting a prestigious school that had accepted you. Senior Caroline Bria had this to say 

“…all schools, in general, provide connections. So, Ivy League colleges are overrated and other colleges can provide the same opportunities,” states Bria, acknowledging that many schools can be overlooked because they are not a part of a group of schools considered to be elite.  

A younger me is rolling their eyes at the thought that it is not a competition and I’m sure that I might feel that way in the future, but it is true that there is a school for everybody.  A bold statement coming from a student like myself who doesn’t know which school that is, but I know it’s somewhere.  

Sure there are benefits that come with going to a school of notoriety, but that does not mean it is the best option for everyone regardless if you meet their high standards.  

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