Masuk’s Choice Hot Chocolate

With temperatures dropping, and the earning for warmth and comfort as we reach the light at the end of the everlasting Corona virus tunnel, an abundance of hot chocolate is in order. However, if one is going to indulge in such a seasonal delicacy, they should be certain that they’re making the right choice as to where to treat themselves to their warm, chocolatey goodness. After compiling the opinions of 20 Masuk students, the results are as follows: 

When asked what their typical go-to hot chocolate source is when they’re craving it most, 53% of students chose the “At home Swiss Miss” option. 41% of students chose Dunkin’ Donuts. The remaining students said they made their own. No respondents answered with the Starbucks option. 

Nothing is more disappointing than a cup of water-cocoa powder solution. So, when asked to choose which brand’s hot chocolate was the most rich, 53% again said Dunkin’ Donuts. 29% of students voted Starbucks, and the remainder opted for Swiss Miss. 

A very important factor of going out to get hot chocolate is temperature. If you’re in need of immediate hot chocolate, but it’s scalding, you will most likely be greatly dissatisfied. When asked which place served their hot chocolate at the most ideal temperature, a majority of students voted Dunkin’ Donuts. 

The final factor that was surveyed was the price of hot chocolate. Swiss Miss won by a landslide, considering it’s $0.15 a packet. 

These results make it very apparent that Dunkin’ seems to be Masuk’s choice hot chocolate supplier, which leads us to one question: How does Dunkin’ do it? Amber Videira, junior at Masuk High School, has been working at Dunkin’ Donuts for about eight months now. When asked how they make their hot chocolate, the truth was slightly underwhelming. “It’s literally a machine that dispenses hot water and the hot chocolate powder.” Videira says. “We don’t steam milk or anything. Each spout is filled with the specific powder for each flavor.”

Although most students like Dunkin’ Donuts hot chocolate the best, it really is not all that. Consisting of water and powder, Dunkin’s infamous hot chocolate is something you can easily imitate at home. Perhaps this new information may change your preferred cup of cocoa.

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