Masuk Trivia

Throughout the tough times the country is going through, it is refreshing to bring some joy and fun into the community. Masuk has shown great examples of this by hosting various events and activities, one of which being Masuk trivia. 

The idea was generated from students involved with the Masuk Peer Leadership Team run by Mr. Ian Lowell. They wanted to provide an opportunity for fun and positivity in the Masuk community. 

“Originally, the team planned for the trivia games to take place in the cafeteria during lunch. After going to the all remote schedule we transitioned to do the trivia over zoom,” Lowell said. 

The first trivia competition was a trivia based off of Masuk, including questions on current and former Masuk students and teachers, and even Masuk facts like “What were the previous names of the hallways at Masuk?” Senior Juston Guinta was the host and led the participants through the competition. The participant turnout was very successful and showed a variety of Masuk students and staff who were eager to play. The next week, the category for trivia was more of a potpourri trivia including questions on various topics, and the week after that was trivia all about music. 

Trivia is played as a kahoot game and the top three players are acknowledged for their success, while the winner receives a prize.

“It was my first time doing the trivia and it was fun and a nice way to connect with students while we are virtual. ” said senior Elizabeth Stoelzel, winner of trivia all about music. 

“It’s funny that teachers can play too and kinda go against the kids,” added Stoelzel.

The Masuk Peer Leadership team will also continue to promote kindness and joy, and make the Masuk community a better and more enjoyable place to attend for both students and staff.  Be sure to keep checking your emails and tuning in for Masuk trivia in the weeks to come, and also for any other events the Peer Leadership team has in store. 

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