Recruiting Advice for Upcoming Prospects

Playing at a collegiate level is a dream for many kids; however, very few get the chance to do so. The recruiting process is widely different for everyone, especially depending on the ability to play at a  DI, DII, or DIII school. The common theme though, no matter the division, is patience and being true to yourself. 

Coaches are looking for players that are good kids, because they will have to spend everyday with them for four years straight. By showing a respectable and coachable personality, coaches will be drawn to you. 

Tyler Kipp is a senior at Masuk High School who is committed to play baseball at Fairfield University. Kipp was asked about the best advice he has received from coaches about recruiting.

 “Some of the biggest things coaches have said to me over the years have been to make sure you are strong mentally. Mentality is a huge part of the game in any sport and those who get in their head a lot and are easily disrupted by mistakes struggle to get to that next level. A lot of coaches at the next level pick up on weak minds and will look over you. Having that edge mentally going into games also will propel you to perform well not only on the field but in the weight rooms and training facilities,” said Kipp.

Right now it is hard for coaches to go out and see athletes due to COVID restrictions, so many recruits are making Twitter pages to post highlight reels and for coaches to follow. If coaches like what they see, they will follow or like a potential recruit’s video and then maybe send an email to them. 

This process can get frustrating when you first begin but is so rewarding in the end when you end up at the school that is perfect for you. Kipp has been playing baseball his whole life and has dreamt of playing at the next level since he was a little kid. 

“The biggest piece of advice I could give to someone younger trying to play a sport at the next level is make sure you start out young and have a good work ethic. Join an AAU program with a history of players getting committed and being successful. I see a lot of kids struggling to find places to play in college because they were late to the whole process and are trying to catch up and by then it’s too late. So the biggest thing I would say is make sure you have a strong foundation at a young age going into the process around the high school ages,” said Kipp.

Very few athletes are able to pick up a sport late in their athletic career and expect to play in college. When you were little did you ever skip a practice because you wanted to hang out with a friend or just did not feel like going? l Everyday you don’t practice, another kid is getting better. It is key to have a competitive mindset while in the recruiting process, you want to present yourself as the best. 

I hope you learned something while reading this article and it gives you the materials you need to succeed when achieving all your athletic goals. 

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