The past and future of Capitol Records

Capitol Records is one of the most prestigious record companies in the world. Once home to iconic artists like Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Queen, and many more, Capitol Records markets the top performers in the genres of pop, R&B, alternative, hip-hop, etc. 

Shortly after the United States entered World War II, Capitol Records was founded by  Johnny Mercer, Buddy Desylva, and Glenn Wallichs. All three men shared a passion for the music industry and worked together to bring their vision to life. Their record company soon skyrocketed with success as they began signing artists left and right, as well as producing hit records and songs. By 1946, the label had sold over 46 million records and with that success, it was no surprise that the company caught the attention of other prominent music labels, like EMI Records. In 1955, Capitol Records was acquired by EMI and is still to this day a wholly-owned subsidiary of EMI music. 

Fast forward to 2020, Capitol Records is now home to modern-day artists such as Migos, Sam Smith, and a variety of other musical names in pop culture. However, more recently Capitol Records has added a new addition to their team. On December 1st, it was announced by CMG Chairman and CEO Jeff Vaughn that Norwalk, Connecticut’s very own Larry Mattera would be named General Manager and Executive Vice President of Capitol Records. 

Prior to his new position at Capitol Records, Mattera worked at WEP, Warner Music Group’s label service arm, for eight years. In 2015, he moved from Norwalk, Connecticut to Burbank, California to work as executive VP of commerce and marketing at Warner Records. 

“I know that my experience and progressive approach to developing and breaking artists in a streaming-centric marketplace perfectly complements Jeff’s vision for Capitol Records,” stated Mattera when asked about his new position. 

As general manager, Mattera will control day-to-day operations, and as EVP, he will play a key role in CMG’s future course as he will help strategize and navigate the company alongside Jeff Vaughn. 

“I’m also looking forward to playing an integral role as a member of Jeff and Michelle Jubelirer’s CMG executive management team, and working closely with such an impressive group of passionate music professionals,” added Mattera.

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