Future of the Performing Arts at Masuk

Unlike past years, Masuk will be putting on a Fall/Winter drama, rather than a musical.  No one was prepared for the caliber of change that has occupied every second of 2020, but for the most part we have learned to adapt and the drama department is no exception.  In light of this year, they will perform an evening of Thorton Wilder one act shows.  

Everyone involved in any show at Masuk knows how long and intricate the rehearsal process is and thats not even the worst of it.  The infamous “tech week” leading up to the performance is the most difficult part of any show.  It is a very long week of piecing together many aspects of the show. From costumes, to lighting and everything in between, the cast and crew work together to create the finished project. 

This past spring, our last day in school for the year came unexpectedly.  A lot was left behind as we were suddenly removed from daily life.  The same goes for the drama department.  Despite everything, the show went on, not on the traditional stage, but online.  Live streamed to YouTube, the Masuk 2019 Spring Drama “Clue!” was live streamed with each actor dawning their small box of a zoom call that we have all become familiar with.  The video now has about 2.5 thousand views on youtube and satisfied the cast and crew as much as it could in place of the real thing.  

As of now, the plan  will be split between cohorts A and B, due to the nature of the show being a collection of smaller stories, it is possible to accommodate for the rules and regulations put in place to limit the spread of Covid-19.  With one problem solved another is bound to surface as 2020 has proven, but that will not stand in the way.  

Director Tom Simonetti has expressed his dedication to performance.

“The directing part I always knew that I kind of would, I’ve always enjoyed how shows fit together from the set, to the costume to everything and that’s kind of like what’s the director does, while they do have other people, a wonderful team who works on that, getting everyone to work together has always been a fun challenge, but also its fun to watch that happen too.”

Said Simonetti when talking about “Clue!” During a pre-pandemic interview.  With his fascination with the production process and putting a show together, there is nothing that will keep him from fitting the puzzle pieces together.

Rather than waiting for the future, the Masuk Drama Department is taking hold of the moment and letting their artistry prosper in an unideal situation.  The dates of the hybrid performances are set for the end of January 2021, which is much closer than it seems. 

The future of Performing Arts at Masuk High School is bright because of the community that it has created inside and out of the auditorium walls.  

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