Masuk Student-Athlete Spotlights: Casey Halliday and Rachel Hersch

Casey Halliday is pictured by Karen Culp Coffey (left) and Rachel Hersch is pictured by Lisa Martinsky (right).

Masuk sports look a little different this year, but this did not hold students back as they have become very successful with their accomplishments this season. Many student-athletes have committed to colleges whether it be for soccer or field hockey, and will continue to play for at least the next few years of their lives. 

Senior captain of the field hockey team Casey Halliday recently announced her commitment to Endicott College to play on their field hockey team.  Halliday started her field hockey career only as a freshman; however, this did not stop her from reaching her goals. 

“I was named 1st team all-state this year and I was all colonial division and the offensive player of the year for Masuk last year. I have been a varsity starter since sophomore year, and play for a national club team in the offseason where I have played at nationals for the last two years,” Halliday said when asked about her accomplishments. 

Not only do her teammates motivate her to reach her goals, but her sister Molly Halliday is one of her biggest motivators. 

“I wouldn’t be the player I am today without her,” said Halliday. 

Senior Rachel Hersch, captain of the girl’s soccer team, also declared her commitment to Ithaca College to play on the women’s soccer team. 

“I am very honored as well as excited to have been given this opportunity,” Hersch said. 

Hersch has played soccer for a multitude of years and has developed a deep appreciation for it. 

“Soccer has been a very big part of my life and it’s more than a game to me. It’s about playing for your teammate next to you and that keeps me going. Seeing the success as a team and how much fun that is really keeps me motivated,” Hersch added. 

As well as being motivated by her team, Hersch reciprocates the enthusiasm and cheerful behavior back toward her team.

“I recently tore my ACL and it was very tough but I had my teammates by my side and I knew I had to be there for them and motivate them throughout the season as they did for me,” Hersch added.

These student-athletes have already been so successful and are onto the next chapters in their lives. It is exciting to see how far they have come and also see the big things they will do in the future. 

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