Holiday Crossword


1. where Santa’s workshop is located

3. students time off from school

6. what kids get on christmas morning

8. a device shaped like a person that is used to break open nuts

9. a cozy beverage people enjoy in the winter

12. travels around the world one night a year

14. a four-sided top used to play games during Hanukkah

15. another word for cheerful and good-humored

17. help guide Santa’s sleigh

19. an icy crystal that forms in snow


2. the eight day “festival of lights”

4. the celebration of a new beginning

5. a cookie used to make decorative houses

7. typically has a carrot for a nose and sticks for hands

10. red and white striped minty treat

11. the fourth reindeer Santa calls

13. strips of shiny metallic foil used for Christmas decorations

16. a circular decoration of greenery and flowers

18. a religious folk song associated with Christmas

20. keeps people warm while they are in their living room

*Answers are below!!!!!!*


1.North pole 




9.Hot chocolate 







2. Hannakuh 

4. New Year 

5. Gingerbread 

7. Snowman 

10. Candy cane

11. Vixen

13. tinsel 

16. Wreath 

18. Carol 

20. Fireplace 

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