Giving Back this Holiday Season

Whether it is simply participating in a fundraiser for local benefit or collecting donations for the Monroe food pantry, everybody can volunteer to help the community. Throughout the year there are many opportunities open to all that offer your help to make Monroe a better place.

For example, there is an organization in Monroe that is determined to raise funds needed to construct a new playground at Wolfe Park. There is a drive-through Santa Claus visit happening December 12 at Great Hollow Lake. Anybody who wants to help out and positively impact the community is wanted to volunteer for the cause and for the event. The event runs from 8 AM to 4 PM, but volunteers are specifically wanted from 11 AM to 3PM. Help is needed with the decorating, greeting and registering guests, and guiding traffic. All COVID-19 necessary protocols will obviously be followed. This is a nonprofit organization, meaning it relies solely on volunteers and donations, so get out there and help! Go to for more information or to donate/sign up to volunteer.

If you are unable to make it on December 12th there are always ways one can get up and help. You can visit the Monroe food pantry at any time and make a donation or set up a food drive amongst your neighborhood. If you are looking for other ways to get involved, ask teachers, neighbors or go to your church and ask a pastor. This holiday season, remember to give back!

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