When is it appropriate to wear a mask?

Wearing a mask has been a difficult transition and adjustment that all Americans have had to deal with. Masks are undoubtedly uncomfortable. They’re itchy and make normal breathing a struggle, however, in the opinions of doctors and most of the population,  they protect us from catching the deadly disease that has taken over the world. So why do some people refuse to wear a mask? 

While there is no law that requires mask-wearing in public to be mandatory, the CDC has come out with multiple facts and recommendations that support the idea that wearing a mask eliminates and reduces the spread of COVID-19. But, when the President of the United States and his cabinet downplay the importance of wearing a mask and ultimately refuse to wear one in public, supporters of President Trump follow his actions, despite the advice given by the CDC.

Going out in public and being around other people and not wearing a mask is foolish. Not only are you putting yourself at risk, but you’re putting the multiple people around you at risk as well. 

Grace Pascoe, a senior at Masuk High School, shares her opinion about people not wearing a mask. 

“Personally I get really anxious when I see someone without a mask in public. I don’t understand why someone wouldn’t do such a simple thing to save others.” 

When you are somewhere and are not able to properly social distance, wearing a mask should be common sense. Various articles and videos have been produced of people screaming about how wearing a mask is taking away their independence and their natural rights of freedom, but how? People argue that being forced to wear a mask when they step out into public is a violation of their First Amendment rights because they are being forced to do something that they do not want to do. However, wearing a mask should not be a political debate. It is simply worn to save yourself and others. 

Halle Allan,  a junior at Masuk High School shares her opinion about President Trump’s infection of the coronavirus. 

“[Trump] had been preaching and putting out to the public that masks weren’t necessary, yet when he chose not to wear a mask he ended up getting the virus. I think he was better off telling people that it’s better to be safe and use masks as a precaution because there is still a lot we don’t know about this virus.” 

As Americans, we have seen the horror and tragedies that COVID-19 has brought. We witnessed President Trump being hospitalized due to  COVID-19. He refused to wear a mask and caught the deadly virus, so shouldn’t that be a wake-up sign for people and for him? Coronavirus is in fact a real thing. And wearing a mask can help to prevent it. 

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