The Night Before Covid…

Twas the night before Covid and all through the world 

not a creature was stirring as the pandemic unfurled 

The toilet paper flying off shelves with panic

In fear that the country was entering a pandemic

The children all online all snug in their beds

While visions of zoom calls danced in their heads

Teachers at home, small businesses shut down

Hoping to prevent the virus from going around

When watching the news there arose such a clatter 

Everyone was unsure how long Corona will matter

Away to quarantine, isolating worldwide

Close the borders, keep everyone inside 

The hope for a vaccine to end this terrible crisis

Gave the presidential candidates a way to entice us 

When what to the country’s wondering eyes to appear

But signs that phase two is already near 

With school back in session one cohort a day

Teachers assured their students, “everything will be okay”

More crazy than ever, life will never be the same

We question to ourselves what if this virus never came 

The gloves, the masks, trying not spread it 

The going back to normal while keeping a social distance 

Our doctors, our nurses, the heroes of this all

Treat patient, after patient no matter how small

As things began to open and cases went down

Hope filled the air that a vaccine would soon be found 

So back to work the people of America flew

With a hope that customers would be there too

And then in flash, I heard on the news

That the Thanksgiving Day parade would no longer ensue 

New York City as empty as can be

For Broadway’s reopening was no guarantee

As the holiday season begins, we bring back some joy 

And for a small period of time we can finally enjoy

The leaves are changing, cold weather has begun 

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