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During a nationwide election, Masuk held one of its own. The newly elected class officers are having to adjust their agendas according to the pandemic, a time, unlike any Masuk student government has experienced before.

This year, elections were held differently. In the past, creative posters and clever slogans decorated the halls of Masuk. Though a few flyers could be seen across the school, the hybrid model of learning hindered students from seeing running mates’ posters. Additionally, students applying for positions were tasked with creating a video instead of the traditional class speeches. 

On Oct. 15, students elected the first group of all-female class presidents in over 10 years. Among those was Elizabeth McHugh, who was elected as the president of the class of 2023.

“I would like to express how honored I am that I get to be a class president alongside three other amazing young women. I believe this is the first time that Masuk has had all-female class presidents, and I am so happy that I get to represent the class of 2023,” stated McHugh. 

The Masuk senior class of 2021 had the Senior Showdown and Powderpuff Game planned, however,  the two events were canceled due to increasing cases in the state. Regardless, they hope to hold as many events as they can within COVID-19 regulations. 

“We hope to still hold Prom, although it might look a bit different than normal. We would love to fit in a fundraiser as well, and then end off the year with the annual senior banquet. We would love to give our peers the full senior year experience even with the current situation going on,” Grace Shawah, the senior class president explained.

Similarly, the junior class of 2022 is working hard to make a memorable year for all Masuk students, as they too aim to have the junior and senior prom. 

“We’re working together with the prom committee and hopefully we’ll be able to create a safe but fun experience.” Said the junior class in a statement.

Even though spirit week may have looked different this year, the junior class is hopeful to have more events in the future.

“The government anticipates planning more events and spirit weeks as well in order to uplift the community in the future. If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to voice it to us!” they added. 

Fundraising is one of the main agendas of the sophomore class of 2023. Looking to the holiday season, they hope to design and sell merchandise for their class, making a good gift for parents and students. Another one of their fundraising ideas is to put together raffle baskets from families and small businesses. A Monroe restaurant week by the sophomore class could also be seen in the future. 

“We are looking into organizing a Monroe restaurant week, where we will choose one restaurant for each night of the week to donate a percentage of their profits to the Masuk Class of 2023… A few members of the sophomore class have told me that they would like more sports-related fundraisers, but that may have to wait until Spring when we can hold events outside. However, I hear and appreciate your suggestions, so keep them coming!” Stated McHugh.

Though new to the school, the freshman class of 2022 plans to hold fundraisers and events as well. 

“This year’s events and fundraising may be different than any other before, but some possible ideas may be snack/candy sales and t-shirt sales for the class of 2024. We haven’t met as a whole student government yet, so there may be changes, but we hope to make the best of this situation!” Said Elizabeth DeGeorge, the freshman class president.

Amidst a pandemic, the elected officials have a heavy weight on their shoulders to satisfy and represent their student bodies. Despite this, they are enthusiastic to lead in their school community and strongly urge students to reach out and get involved.

Class of 2021 Class of 2022Class of 2023Class of 2024:

President: Grace Shawah
Vice-President: Ana Castro-Rodriguez
Treasurer: Arshriya Koul
Secretary: Cali Ryan
Co-Historians: Samantha Maillet, Katie Zimmer
MRA Representatives: Isabela Dellipoali, Justin Guinta, Grace Papscoe
President: Jane Ding
Vice-President: Sophie McCarthy
Treasurer: Lauren Unger
Secretary: Almaas Ghafoor, Julia Wadolowski
Co-Historians: Melanie Antony, Suja Srinivasan
MRA: Caroline Raymond, Victoria Pallas, Ally Zyskowski

President: Libby McHugh
Vice-President: Rose Kealey
Secretary: Aidan Silvestro
Treasurer: Karlisse Wills
Co-Historians: Kate Wittenauer Calleigh Cotter
MRA Representatives: Chris Tierney, Sofia Kellogg, Manu Anand
President: Ellie DeGeorge
Vice-President: Zoe Santos
Secretary: Jayme Lawrence
Treasurer: Eric Unger
Historian: Killian Irish-Donini
MRA Representatives: Bhuvan Hospet, Andrew Guerrera
Elected officers 2020-2021

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