Fashionistas on Social Media

Popular social media apps such as Tik Tok and Instagram have provided influencers and consumers with a quick and easy way to exhibit their style and fashion inspirations. Social media users can educate themselves with a simple trip to the Instagram “Explore” page, or Tik Tok “For You” page. Super-stylish influencers revive and invent new trends on the daily. Some trends are short lived, while others seem to stick around. 

One exciting and rising fashion trend is Y2K, which ruled the 2000’s and seems to be coming back. Popular items include flared-legged jeans, baguette bags, baby tees, and vibrant colors. Although there are some trends that most would rather leave in the past, such as mustache designs and infinity scarves, it seems as though the 2000’s aesthetic have taken 2021 by storm.

Current influencers such as Emma Chamberlain, who came quickly to fame through her YouTube videos and fashion statements, revived many Y2K trends through Instagram posts and shopping hauls. Loyal followers mimic Chamberlain’s unique style. 

Student Kate Wittenauer describes Chamberlain as “quirky and different.”

“I feel like she sets all fashion trends,” Wittenauer added. “But I wouldn’t wear all of the same.”

One trend that she brought back to the stage was flared yoga pants. On her Instagram story, Chamberlain posted a mirror selfie wearing the flared pants with a grey Nike crew neck layered over a white turtleneck. Almost every teen girl saw this outfit on their TikTok “For You” page. A simple click and scroll led young consumers to this new trend. Chamberlain is no stranger to popularizing pieces among her audience. Back in 2019, she universalized scrunchies and teddy jackets. Her fans kept the same energy for the flared pants, spreading this trend throughout the internet. 

Junior, Karlisse Wills, says she usually goes to Instagram or Tik Tok for fashion inspiration, 

“I usually wear athleisure clothing, and am inspired by social media influencers,” she said. Will’s enjoys creators such as Ana Stowell and Mayson Sage. She also mentioned small businesses on Instagram that exhibit their products through the app. 

Will’s says that “it’s fun to see the 2000’s coming back.” Although she hopes some trends, such as low rise jeans, do not come back, as she believes they are unflattering.

With the simplicity and accessibility of social media, fashion trends come and go rapidly. They also provide users with an easy inlet of inspiration.  Social media holds so many diverse styles and aesthetics, so every fashionista is bound to find something new to adore.

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